Some five months after their stunning gig at Manchester’s Deaf Institute, Teleman are back in town to perform at Gorilla.  That gig came just a few weeks before their debut album Breakfast hit shelves (and hard drives) and quickly became a fan favourite.  The fact that their gig sold out and that they held the crowd in the palms of their hands before their first album had dropped says plenty about the Teleman and their ability to weave magnificent musical pieces as well as translate them to the live stage.

Formed out of the ashes of Pete and the Pirates, Thomas Sanders (vocals, guitar), Johnny Sanders (synth), Peter Cattermoul (bass) and Hiro Amamiya (drums), have demonstrated themselves to be a formidable force on the stage and in the recording studio.  They are balanced, working in-sync, and happy to put the music at the forefront of their sublime performances.

Breakfast has demonstrated that the foursome (together for marginally over two years) have a subtlety to their music, allowing for a minimalist, synth and vocal centred bittersweet pop, although they are more than capable of moving from the clean-cut approach to song-writing, generating a huge emotional wall of sound which takes inspiration from pop, an ever so slight tough of indie and psychadelia amongst other influences.  They tend to stear clear of reverb and overloading guitars, allowing the vocals to breathe.  And through this they have an incredible ability to produce catchy, hypnotic songs, inspiring and fueling the imagination.

Produced by Bernard Butler, Breakfast has seen support for Teleman grow, both from critics and fans.  It has spawned truly wonderful pieces such as Cristina (their biggest track to date), the delightful Lady Low and the awe-inducing 23 Floors Up.  It was tracks such as these which saw Teleman captivate the Deaf Institute back in May and no doubt they will have the same effect again.

Teleman perform at Gorilla on Monday 20th October 2014.


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