“It’s about becoming unhinged… being sucked into a black hole of madness and psychological pain and clawing a way out,” explains Chris Corner of internationally revered band IAMX about his recent single and video North Star, which was taken from their sixth studio album Metanoia (released October 2015). “Nature can relieve the burden of obsessive everyday stress, it can diffuse the never ending ‘story of me ‘ and guide you back to a calmer mental state. ‘North Star’ symbolizes this guide.”

Having made his initial mark as co-founder and charter member of seminal British trip-hop progenitors Sneaker Pimps, Chris Corner has forged a powerful and enduring creative identity as IAMX.

Matching a fiercely original sonic vision with deeply catchy, personally charged songwriting and a charismatic, emotionally raw performing persona, Corner has built a powerful body of recordings that have won IAMX a loyal and diverse international fan base. Along the way, IAMX has evolved from enigmatic studio project into an eccentric, expansive live act, incorporating additional musicians and all manner of costumes, sets and visual effects.

Metanoia, Corner’s sixth studio album as IAMX, is a milestone for the multifarious English composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and video artist. The consistently riveting set marks a timely return to musical activity for Corner, whose innovative, influential body of work has established him as one of the most potent creative forces in the world of electronic music.

With a new single in hand and a new lease on his life as IAMX, Corner is ready to tackle the next chapter. “I’m in a much better place with my mind,” he concludes. “I feel reborn in some ways with a wiser calmer more realistic perspective on myself and my place in the world. I worked fucking hard, erased toxic people from my life, threw myself back into my art and I can say I am the happiest I’ve been for a long time.”

IAMX performs at Manchester’s Gorilla on 15 June 2016