Frentic alt-folk-rockers Holy Moly and The Crackers return to Manchester next month for a gig at the Deaf Institute.  The North East septet return after releasing a live version of their hit single Cold Comfort Lane.

Speaking about the track, which has been heard on E4, BT Vision, Capital One, Ultimate Ears, KIA Sportage Cars and the credits for the movie Oceans 8, vocalist/guitarist/trumpeter Conrad Bird commented, “Its been a bit of a mad year for our song ‘Cold Comfort Lane’ – it just seems to have hit a certain nerve! So, we really wanted to get a live version down. You know, thats what’s this band is all about, the live show, so it made sense. We went it Blank Studios, a local studio in Newcastle that has recently upgraded and upsized. Its proper. And the gents that work the machines know what they’re doing! So we all dressed up, drank a bucketful of coffee, and made a load of noise for a few hours. Hope you enjoy the result!”

Holy Moly and The Crackers will headline at Manchester's Deaf Institute

Holy Moly and The Crackers will headline at Manchester’s Deaf Institute

The gig also comes after the band confirmed that they had completed recording their next album ahead of a 2019 release.  “We’ve just finished our new album and we hope to release next year, so you might see a couple of songs creeping into the setlist at these upcoming gigs” says Conrad. “The new album. Ooooof. Well, we’re over the moon. From where we’re standing, it’s the best stuff we’ve made – musically, lyrically and production (ally). At the beginning of the writing process, a few months ago, Ruth (lead singer, violin) said to me: “These songs have to come from something real, from the heart, from experience – that’s how we need to connect” And you know what, I think me might just have done that.”

When do Holy Moly and The Crackers headline at Manchester’s Deaf Institute?

Holy Moly and The Crackers headline at The deaf Institute on 24 November 2018.