Liverpool’s Etches are set to perform at The Castle on 7 April ahead of the release of their brand new single Love Is, which will be released the next day, 8 April.

The five-piece will also have an exclusive EP available at the forthcoming shows.

Filled with tales of the human condition, immersive melodies and anthemic indie-rock accents, for those new to one of Liverpool’s most innovative and fresh five-pieces, one point becomes clear on first impressions alone- the troupe are destined for very big things.

Immediately accessible, and yet never predictable, Etches are readying their new single, Love Is, to land on 8 April. Again the work reveals a band at the top of their creative game, crafting emotionally captivating music that seems to speak directly to the listener

The band have also prepared a full EP, Wall of Sleep, for sale exclusively at shows scheduled for spring 2016. Veering from the stark, tender emptiness of The Great Void, its sparse vocals, hypnotic low ends and eventual wailing six strings; to the booming, far noisier guitars of Do Nothing, it’s more proof that the quintet refuse to pander to stereotypical patterns or blueprints. Instead, they create a sound that’s as timeless as it is contemporaneous.

At once calling into mind early Editors, a stripped down Elbow, and The Incredible String Band- indicative of the scope at play here- the new release confirms their status as one of the most exciting outfits emerging from a northern city in rude aural health right now, bringing influences from electronica to post punk and psychedelia into the melting pot, winding up with something somehow familiar yet unarguably original. Not the easiest tones to achieve, that this is as impressive in the studio as it is on stage only provides more proof of just how bright their future is, and explains why the expectations for their forthcoming UK shows are so high.

Etches perform at Manchester’s The Castle on 7 April 2016.

ETCHES – image credit Andrew Ellis