Olivia Lane has shared the title track of her upcoming album Heart Change which is due out on 17 September.

The track has been written with previous collaborators Matt Nolen and Skip Black and finds Olivia Lane looking at division from her own perspective.  In the song she calls for unity in a troubled world.

Speaking about Heart Change, the Houston native, who is based in Nashville, said, “I wrote the title track smack dab in the middle of 2020, which is when EVERYONE was experiencing a challenging time. Writing this song was my realization that the best thing I can be in this divided world is a better version of myself.”

Heart Change, the album, is due for release on 17 September and features previous releases Sweet Sister, Woman At The Well, Boy’s Still Got It, Why Don’t We and I Let The Devil In.  “When thinking of what to name this body of work” Olivia Lane expanded, “I had to reflect on what I had experienced in my life over the last few years.  I’m learning heart changes lead to growth, maturity, heartbreak, heart mending and new ways to look at life. They are necessary in becoming our truest selves.”

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