A new escape room experience is set to open in Manchester on Saturday 1 August, running until 23 December.

The Trapped Up North experience, an interactive and immersive horror escape room, will be housed in the Grade II listed Great Northern Warehouse.

The set up will resemble something from the most terrifying of horror movies where the daring and fearless who enter are the stars, or rather, the victims. Having to pit their wits against mind numbing puzzles and elaborate clues to make it out alive and avoid being Trapped Up North, participants in groups of 3-6 must complete against the clock to complete their mission.

With a choice of two rooms (with a third to be announced later this month), each has its own story, environment, menacing evil presence and challenges.  The Jigsaw room will find participants locked away in a makeshift torture chamber within the sinister world of The Judge, a prolific serial killer who has escaped from prison. Famous for subjecting his victims to a grotesque ‘purity’ test known as the Jigsaw, there is one hour on the clock to solve the Jigsaw or be forced to face The Judge.

Meanwhile in the Quarantine room, a deadly virus, created by the government as a weapon for biological warfare, has been leaked and contaminated their compound. With fears that those trapped inside may already be infected, brave agents are required to enter the contamination zone to locate the antidote before the virus causes global extinction. There is just 60 minutes before those that enter will become exposed to the virus and are inevitably sealed in.

If these two rooms weren’t enough to terrify you can return to a third room which will go on sale later this month. Those that enjoy the tranquil outdoors and camping under the stars will wish they had stayed at home if they dare to endure Cabin Fever, when a night of camping turns into a nightmare of sheer terror. A group of savage bloodthirsty locals have kidnapped a member of the group – the one with the car keys. The only way to get home is embark on a terrifying journey through the savage’s cabin in the woods in the desperate hope of finding the captive friend. But are they lying in wait for your visit?

The company behind Trapped Up North deems it suitable for ages 12+ with parental discretion advised for those below 15.

Rooms: Jigsaw and Quarantine (Cabin Fever on sale soon)
The Great Northern Warehouse, Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4EN
Saturday 1 August – Wednesday 23 December (Not open Mondays)
Session Times: 11:00am/12:15pm/1:30pm/2:45pm/4:00pm/5:15pm/6:30pm/7:45pm/9:00pm
Groups must arrive 20 minutes before allotted time. Each session lasts for 1 hour.
Each Room may be booked by one group of up to 6 people per time slot.
Tickets: 3 in group £16 per head
4 in group £15 per head
5 in group £14 per head
6 in group £13 per head

Tickets available from www.quaytickets.com .  Further information at www.houseofthedead.com

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