Molly Green has returned with her latest single Hands On My Body, her most personal release yet.

The song looks at being in a relationship which seems set to have an expiry date.  “Hands On My Body is about a relationship with an expiry date, which is probably what made it so
good!” Molly Green explains.  “Sonically, I wanted it to pair with the lyrics and meaning of the song, giving it the smooth, intimate feeling that I feel is so vital. There are moments where a certain mischief that I felt at the time are echoed in the lyrics and arrangement which offer inflections within the sensuality of the overall track.”

The track is set to feature on her upcoming debut EP which is due for release in the autumn through Snide Records.

Hands On My Body marks essential summer listening with the track twisting, turning and developing throughout with extra layers and sonic surprises thrown in.  The song also features a last moment swerve which was the subject of much discussion in the creative process.  “It goes somewhere completely different, funks it up a bit, and although there was much dispute on whether to keep it and if so, how to make it work, I am so glad we did because I just love it.  It’s unexpected and why the hell not!”