Maya Lane has shared her latest release Heart For A Heart, as she imagines targeting a love interest who has scorner her.

Heart For A Heart marks the latest release for the artist, who continues to build momentum following previous release Bump Into Me which picked up tastemaker nods and Radio 1 airplay from Mollie King.

Bew track Heart For A Heart finds Maya Lane blending influences from pop-tinged vulnerability through to soulful melancholy.

Speaking about the track Maya Lane said, “Some say revenge is an eye-for-an-eye, but sometimes it feels a little more like a ‘Heart For A Heart’! This is a song that’s been tucked away in my back pocket for a couple of years now and one I’m truly so excited to share. The idea came to me while watching a film, in which the main character sets out to seek revenge on those who’d wronged her. I wrote the song in a couple of hours and it felt so refreshing to be able to dive into a whole other world, create this dramatic, detailed story and run with it. While the storyline of the song is fictional, the message resonates so deeply with emotions that  can arise after feeling betrayed, whether that be in a relationship or a friendship.”

The 20-year-old artist uses music inspired by the likes of Adam Melchor, HAIM, Noah Kahan and Joni Mitchell as the vehicle for her storytelling songs – sometimes based on personal experiences, sometimes fuelled by fiction.

Maya Lane has been longlisted for Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Competition.