Jack Valero has shared his new single Always Something You Can Do, produced by  Jamie Webster.

Always Something You Can Do will feature on Jack Valero’s upcoming EP Not In Kansas Anymore.  The track marks the first taste of the upcoming EP which will land in September via Modern Sky.  Always Something You Can Do finds Jack Valero blending his indie-pop roots with Americana whilst musing on personal connections as an escape from the toughest of times.

As Jack Valero explains, “This song came about when I noticed all of my songs had a very melancholy feel to them. I’m really big on the juxtaposition of a happy tune with sad or dark lyrics. However after looking at the world the way it is today, I realised that I had spent a lot of time pointing out the problems but hadn’t put together a song that had any positive look to the future. I for one felt I sorely needed that. In a time of war in Europe and the second Cold War, the resurgence of fascism in America, cost of living crisis and global warming I needed some hope. That’s why this song doesn’t mention those things, not that I will ever shy away from them, but more serving as a reminder that when the world seems out of control you can still make the effort of being decent to your fellow humans on a day-to-day basis. It may seem small and insignificant, but it actually makes all the difference to the person you make the effort for. These things we must retain in the face of catastrophe, so we never lose hope.

“Working with Jamie and the whole Scouse wrecking crew as we call them – featuring Tim Cunningham on bass, keys and engineer, Jim Sharrock on drums and Danny Murphy on guitar – was a privilege. I know he’ll say I’m being silly as he’s so humble but it’s true. It was an amazing experience to be a part of such talented lovely people working on my songs. To have people you have so much respect for believing in you is incredible and I will be forever grateful to Jamie for taking me in. I’d jump at the chance to do it again.”

The single lands as Jack Valero prepares to perform at Liverpool’s Sound City Festival in May.

Always Something You Can Do is the song that first won over Jamie Webster when he saw Jack perform at Glastonbury in 2023. That led to them working on the song together and the sessions went so well that Jack asked Jamie and his regular collaborator Tim Cunningham to produce the rest of the EP too. The mutual admiration between Jack and Jamie also established a strong kinship between them, the pair both enjoying the experience and eager to experiment with the other’s ideas. Jamie also contributes backing vocals on the EP.

Jamie Webster adds, “These songs shed a light on Jack’s outlook and insight to life as he sees it through political opinions and personal feelings. When you hear the EP you’ll know what a dream it was for me to work on them as they are all really storyteller songs and those who know me will know it’s right up my street.

“I’ll always be grateful to Jack for trusting me with his art when no one else had before. And what makes it more special is the fact that we’re now good friends and we’ve really got a lot in common. It’s amazing when you build relationships through music, it’s a bond that is hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it. I’d work with Jack again in a heartbeat.”

When does Jack Valero perform at Liverpool’s Sound City 2024?

Jack Valero performs at Liverpool’s Sound City 2024 on 5 May 2024.