Harleymoon Kemp has shared her new single What Good Looks Like which features on her upcoming debut EP Lone Ranger.

The fast rising country artist returns with the track marking a more stripped-back sound, as she celebrates strength, knowing what a relationship should offer and the importance of family.  As she explains, “My parents gave me an amazing gift, showing me what a loving relationship looks like. It has made it potentially harder for me to settle into love and relationships because they have set the bar so high (a gift and a curse – I’m expecting rainbows maybe). They have shown me what true best friends are, what trust and support is… even if it’s just getting up early to start up the car so it’s not cold when the other person gets in. That’s what good looks like to me.

I know what good looks like was a line I just kept on saying whenever people asked why I was single. It was so easy to write this song it only took a couple of hours because the story was already my truth.

“I’ve never been afraid of being honest. Expressing myself through my music is the most honest I can be. We all go through the same things in life but I love the way sharing emotions connects us. I am so drawn to being bare bones and vulnerable in my stories and this EP feels like little movies to me, little capsules of time I didn’t want to forget.”

The track was written by Harleymoon Kemp alongside solo artist Lloren with production from Charli T.

Harleymoon Kemp will release her debut EP Lone Ranger on 31 May 2024.  The four track EP also features the tracks Faith In You, America and the title track, all of which were co-written by Harleymoon.

image of Harleymoon Kemp courtesy Melissa Morgan.