LICE will release their second album Third Time At The Beach in September ahead of a UK tour including a Manchester gig at The Castle.

The Manchester gig is one of five UK dates they will headline in October.

Third Time At The Beach is a three-part album, exploring the struggle to understand the world across its 10 tracks.  The album promises a journey through minimalism, rock, techno and more featuring a cast of astronauts, cavemen and dinosaurs.

The album’s concept is linked by the three movements which form the album.  The first (‘Unscrewed’, ‘White Tubes’, ‘Red Fibres’) presents the child being introduced to the world, hammered into shape through prevailing culture, and realising they have reached adulthood with a blinkered understanding of the world. The second (‘To The Basket’, ‘Wrapped In A Sheet’, ‘Scenes From The Desert’, ‘Mown In Circles’) is a disorientating, alien sequence: re-evaluating fundamental concepts including money, time, nationhood and language. In the third (‘Fatigued, Confused’, ‘Third Time At The Beach’, ‘The Dance’), the individual embraces these new ideas – granting them a changed understanding of the world, and more agency in the path they take through it.

The album follows Lice’s internationally acclaimed 2021 debut album WASTELAND: What Ails Our People Is Clear.

The Bristol four-piece have also shared the album’s lead single Red Fibres.  The track, they explain, “is about realising you’ve reached adulthood with a blinkered understanding of the world, and feeling confused and frustrated. After visiting some key moments in the history of language, science and the human eye, we arrive at a campsite: where two shipwreck survivors are about to have a fight.”

When do Lice headline at Manchester’s The Castle?

Lice headline at The Castle Manchester on 23 October 2024.  The Manchester gig is one of five UK headline dates they will play:
19 October   –   Falmouth, FIVES
21 October   –   Birmingham, Hare and Hounds
22 October   –   Glasgow, Hug and Pint
23 October   –   Manchester, The Castle
24 October   –   London, Corsica Studios

Image of Lice courtesy Dani Bolton