Jaws The Shark (aka Olly Bailey) has shared his latest single Lately, an honest and reflective view on pursuing dreams.

As he explains, of the single, “I wrote Lately about giving up a job that I’d fallen out of love with for various reasons, but it was a job that had given me so much; allowed me to travel the world, meet amazing people and made me the person I am today. Without it, I wouldn’t even be in a position to be releasing my own music. Despite all of that, I felt an overwhelming compulsion to go it alone and blaze my own trail. I knew that if I were to give it up there would be no going back, but the draw of wanting to prove myself to myself was a path that I knew I needed to go down to see where it lead. I’m currently on that path and not knowing where it leads is both the best and worst part about it!”

The single lands ahead of the release of his debut album Wasteland.  The 11-track album lands on 19th July 2024.  Olly Bailey wrote the album himself with production from George Perks.  He is joined on the album by bassist Brendan O’Boyle and Dinosaur Pile-Up’s Michael Sheils on drums.

The album lands ahead of a string of UK tour dates including a Manchester gig at 33 Oldham Street and Liverpool gig at Kazimier Stockroom.

Speaking about the album he added, “Wasteland is an album that I’d been wanting to write for some time now, and one that I’m really proud of personally.  Some of the tracks that I write wouldn’t necessarily be put into the Jaws The Shark category when you look back at what I’ve released previously, but I wanted this album to show off some of my versatility that I like to explore when writing songs.”

When does Jaws The Shark headline at Manchester’s 33 Oldham Street and Liverpool’s Kazimer?

Jaws The Shark headlines at Manchester’s 33 Oldham Street on 14 September and Liverpool’s Kazimier Stockroom on 13 September 2024.  The Manchester and Liverpool gigs are two of seven UK dates he is headlining in September:
13 September   –   Liverpool, Kazimier Stockroom
14 September   –   Manchester, 33 Oldham Street
15 September   –   Leeds, Oporto
18 September   –   St Albans, The Horn
25 September   –   London, The Grace
26 September   –   Portsmouth, Edge of the Wedge
27 September   –   Southampton, Heartbreakers

Image of Jaws The Shark courtesy Rob Crawford