Swedish-American singer-songwriter Lexi Berg has revealed her latest single Into The Sea alongside an official video.

The track is her first release under a new deal with Warner Music UK label EastWest Records and is a moody ’70s-esque soul-pop ballad.  Into The Sea takes inspiration from the likes of Fleetwood Mac and ABBA.

The song follows months of being locked down alone in a dark flat writing music and sees Lexi Berg reflecting on the impact of the sea on life and Swedish society.  Appropriately the Stockholm-born Lexi grew up on the sea, spending much of her childhood on a houseboat, which contained a piano.  “Swedes have a mystical relationship to the sea,” Lexi says. “In the summer, we have the ‘morgondopp’ ritual: getting up early, putting on our bathrobes and clogs, and heading out into the sea whatever the weather. I think everyone who spent lockdown in a city felt a particular appreciation when they escaped into nature. I hope this song moves the listener and reminds us of nature’s ability to heal and restore us emotionally with its magic.”

The official video to Into The Sea is directed by Drew Cox.  In the video, Cox depicts Lexi’s own emotional journey in to nature, escaping from a concrete world to a wild and unspoiled coast.