Singer-songwriter Ladybyrd has released her new single Oblivious, the follow up to debut alt-pop track Too Close To Call and the subsequent Stolen Sunlight.

Oblivious comes as Ladybyrd prepares to release her debut EP this autumn.  The track captures the feelings behind a troubled relationship and an inability to spot red flags.

Ladybyrd says, “Oblivious tells the story of a naive young girl realising certain things in a relationship with someone with a darker side. She’s holding on to the moments of endearment and intimacy, but over time is more aware of who he is as a person as he reveals his true colours. She tries to understand her innocent love for him, whilst he simply justifies his cruel behaviour. She knows it’s not right to stay, but continues to fight her attachment to him as she slowly but surely becomes more and more aware – and less oblivious.”

The track was co-written by Ladybyrd and produced by Tadeusz and Adrian Zag.