JP Saxe has returned with new single When You Think Of Me, following recent tour dates with Alicia Keys and Lewis Capaldi.

The singer and songwriter has been building on the success of his breakout 2021 album Dangerous Levels of Introspection, including the release earlier this year of Dangerous Levels of Introspection (Stripped).  Has has been nominated this year for two JUNO Awards including Artist of the Year and Album of the Year and has co-written songs with Sabrina Carpenter and Ingrid Andress.

The Grammy nominated artist worked with the award-winning producer Malay on the track.  He has also shared an official music video filmed in Colombia to accompany the single.

JP Saxe is expected to release another full-length project next year.

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Speaking about When You Think Of Me, JP Saxe said, “I was sitting at a piano alone and thinking of a somewhat pervasive idea among young people. In songwriting, we tend to look at love in a binary way. It’s either like, ‘We’re together, and I’m obsessed with you,’ or it’s like, ‘We’re not together, and I hate you.’ I don’t subscribe to the notion that for love to be valid, it needs to be endless. I believe if something beautiful ends, it’s still beautiful. At the core of the song is my belief that love can be over and real at the same time. Love doesn’t need to be endless to be important, meaningful, and sincere.”