Jess Kemp is set to play a charity showcase at Irlam Station House raising funds for local Sandra Dickinson.  Sandra Dickinson is seeking immunotherapy treatment in Germany for her highly specialised cancer condition.

To help raise funds, Jess Kemp has arranged a charity fundraiser which will see her headlining a bill which also includes David Gorman, Olly Flavell and Addison Skye.  All proceeds from the night will be donated to the cause.

The evening at 1923 Irlam Station House takes place on Wednesday 19 April and will feature acoustic performances from all acts on the bill.

Full information about Sandra’s case which has also attached attention from other local celebrities including comedian Jason Manford, can be found in full at the official crowdfunding page

In addition to organising this acoustic night fundraiser, Jess Kemp recently released her own delightful slice of acoustica – new single ‘Vondelpark’. The release which follows the success of her debut single “Stars” and the “Camden” EP last year, was borne from a mini tour of Amsterdam last year.

Speaking about the track Jess says, “VondelPark was born during my Amsterdam tour in 2016. The name – “VondelPark” is a bit of a giveaway. Being my first ever tour AND first ever overseas gig..  I have to say  though, it was definitely the best time of my life! Setting up camp in the middle of VondelPark with my band, friends, family and a load of strangers just playing a load of my songs! The lyrics of this song really tell the story of the whole experience.”

Jess Kemp’s charity showcase in support of Sandra Dickinson takes place on 19 April 2017 at Irlam Station House.