Hello Cosmos will play a Halloween headline show at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen on the same day they release new single Let Love Be The Island Upon Which We Stand.

The post-punkers mark their return with the Manchester gig at Soup Kitchen and new single ahead of a new EP scheduled for this winter.

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Let Love Be The Island Upon Which We Stand is a collaboration between the Manchester-centre collective and vocalist Jordan Hodson.  The track is looped from beats and melodies laid down during the very first Hello Cosmos sessions before they had event settled on a name.

“The song title of ‘Let Love Be…’ was originally written on honeymoon about my better half, Dr Roxy” says Ben, “but it seems to have taken on a potent message in the current climate. The guest vocal is by Jordan Hodson, it’s our first time working together but hopefully not the last. She has a really versatile range which is rare to find.”

Immediately following the band’s Run For President EP (released Summer 2019), the upcoming four-track release will include new material Let Love Be… and Shores Of Mankind, plus two remixes courtesy of Joe Thompson and Richard Norris (The Grid, Beyond the Wizards Sleeve, Circle Sky). It promises a more electronic footing than the previous release blistering with the same melting-pot-of-influences approach that is definitive of their style.

When do Hello Cosmos play at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen?

Hello Cosmos headline at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen on 31 October 2019.  Support comes from Liines and folktronica artist Granfalloon.

Hello Cosmos – image courtesy Scott Salt