Having celebrated the Jam’s musical legacy by touring the classic albums All Mod Cons, Setting Sons and Sound Affects, Bruce Foxton and co are back with a set that will feature all of the greatest hits, alongside rare B sides that Bruce says will give “the most ardent fans what they want”. The new tour will kick off on September 30th at The Institute in Birmingham before making it’s way to Manchester Academy on 1 October.

Original The Jam bassist Bruce Foxton and guitarist/vocalist Russell Hastings tour as From The Jam bringing The Jam experience to fans worldwide.  The ‘As and Bs’ tour will include all the fan favourites, as well as rare tracks such as ‘Just Who Is The 5 O’clock Hero’, ‘Carnation’, ‘Aunties and Uncles’ and ‘Life From A Window’.  The band are looking forward to playing ‘The Dreams of Children’, the B side to ‘Going Underground’ that was originally intended to be an A side, were it not for a mix up at the pressing plant.

From The Jam will be releasing the crowd funded album ‘Smash The Clock’ on 20 May 2016, which features guest appearances from Paul Weller, Wilko Johnson and With ‘Smash The Clock’, Bruce and Russell have captured From The Jam’s inimitable live energy on record. Driving bass riffs sit beneath layers of inventive guitar parts, piano, brass, and each chorus feels like it is tailor-made for a crowded venue to sing their hearts out to.  Bruce says the meaning of title track ‘Smash The Clock’ is simply that “good music is ageless and timeless”.

Like Bruce’s last full length ‘Back In The Room’ (2012), the album was crowd-funded through Pledge Music, with a campaign in which fans could purchase items such as handwritten lyrics, signed CDs, LPs, artwork, etc. The band say “its success was made possible by you the public getting involved, for which we can’t thank them enough.”

From The Jam. image courtesy Derek D’Souza