After releasing latest singles Petty Thieving and Dog Walking as well as debut album What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham, Feet are set to headline at YES, Manchester.

Petty Thieving, the fourth track taken from their debut album, has been a fan favourite since the band burst on to the scene at the end of 2017.  An early version of the track instantly made waves.

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They released the studio version with an accompanying video in early September.  “ Petty Thieving is an example of masterful song writing and immeasurable levels of maturity from a band consisting of 3 scholars, a well-informed brummie and a master student from the university of life” explains frontman George.  “It would be modest to say this song isn’t the greatest jangly, baggy, fidgety guitar song of the decade, but modesty is for indie bands.  The fact I’m not writing this from a seat on a private submarine to my condo on top of a live volcano is a genuine travesty. The song was so painfully easy to write, a third of the instrumentation was composed as the entire band was asleep. If Petty Thieving isn’t a landmark claim for FEET to be considered as one the greatest bands of all time, then I’ll go ahead and stop the advanced building of a 100ft mural in our honour above the Primark in Cov.”

Of the video, George added “Petty Thieving won’t win any awards and I doubt Scorsese will be leaving a YouTube comment, but for a fleeting second behind a dangerously expensive camera , wearing an almost full suit of armour, five milky brained idiots become artists. Only joking, we’re not the 1975.”

After releasing Petty Thieving the band returned with Dog Walking (accompanied by a video shot from a dog’s perspective) and a series of in-store appearances including Manchester’s Fopp ahead of the release of their album.

What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham delves in to a series of wild escapades, from opener Good Richard’s Crash Landing referencing the time a local eccentric crashed his glider in to their field whilst the band were rehearsing; Ad Blue about the time Oli tried to make a round of tea with diesel engine additive AdBlue; and through to the occasion when Harry accidentally disturbed an axe-wielding burglar when he came home to cook a pizza en route to the pub (Axe Man).

When do Feet headline at Manchester’s Jimmys?

Feet headline at Jimmy’s, Manchester, on 1 November 2019.

image of Feet courtesy Dave Willis