Discusses new album ahead of UK tour

Corinne Bailey Rae has launched her six-part podcast series, exploring the themes and personal experiences which inspired her album The Heart Speaks In Whispers ahead of her UK tour.

Her nine date tour takes in Manchester’s Albert Hall on 5 November and marks her first UK headline tour in five years.

Acting as narrator, interviewer and guide, Corinne delves deep into her passions and presents a fascinating collection of subjects with the help of a wide range of experts, philosophers, authors, artists and musicians. Corinne takes the listener on a journey through topics such as the restorative power of nature, the therapeutic powers of music and the incredible ways we can control our own reality through our dreams.

She says: “I wanted to do these podcasts to explore the themes of the album – how we respond to nature, what we can learn from listening to our bodies, paying attention to our dreams, following our instincts and being in the present moment. I talked with fascinating people about their lives, struggle and journeys and I was moved, inspired and intrigued by each speaker. There is something engaging in each of these podcasts. The heart speaks in whispers. We’ve got to listen.”

The six podcasts will cover:

Episode 1: Nature
Corinne is joined by author Amy Liptrot, sharing their own personal experiences of the restorative power of the natural world on mental health and well-being. Amy talks about how a self-imposed exile helped her overcome addiction, while Corinne discusses how connecting with nature helped her through grief.

Episode 2: Instinct
With the help of Philosopher Brennan Jacoby, Corinne examines how hardwired our human behaviour actually is. How do we know when to trust our instincts? Author and public speaker, Scott Ginsberg, also discusses his social experiment using a nametag which has helped him fine-tune his own instinct and intuition.

Episode 3: The Body
Corinne chats to Pilates instructor Kath Nisbet to analyse the mind/body connection and how our emotions can become trapped in our bodies and manifest as pain if we don’t take the time to nurture both our mental and physical health.

Episode 4: Dreams
Lucid Dreaming expert, Caroline McCready, talks candidly with Corinne about the unexplored depths of our subconscious minds as they examine whether it might be possible to control our own realities through our dreams.

Episode 5: Music As Therapy
Music is a universal language and remarkably effective when used as a therapeutic tool. Corinne is joined by inspiring blues musician Ian “Fast Fret” Campbell as he shares his incredible first hand experience of the healing power of music after a car accident almost killed him and left him unable to use the left side of his body.

Episode 6: Being Present
21st century life is hectic, as we become slaves to our digital devices. Corinne questions whether this may have had an impact on our creativity, speaking to artist Nina Katchadourian, photographer Antoine Geiger and founder of Consciously Digital, Anastasia Dedyukhina, Corinne explores how we can effectively juggle our online and offline lives.

Corinne Bailey Rae performs at Manchester’s Albert Hall on 5 November 2016.

Her podcasts are available on AudioBoom.

Corinne Bailey Rae. image courtesy Chuffmedia.com