Buckle & Boots have ‘uncancelled’ festival season with a live stream virtual event taking place this Saturday featuring Sarah Darling, Jenn Bostic, Phil Vassar and more.

Buckle & Boots have offered weekly live stream gigs since the beginning of the lockdown period, reaching a worldwide audience leading up to the virtual festival.  The live stream event will feature 37 artists from seven different countries with international stars including Sarah Darling, Phil Vassar and William Michael Morgan joining homegrown talents including Kezia Gill, Jade Helliwell, Morganway and Gary Quinn.

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The Greater Manchester based festival had been postponed due to Covid-19 but now the organisers are offering country music fans the opportunity to view Buckle & Boots Virtual Festival from 1pm on Saturday 23 May via their YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

The 2020 edition of Buckle & Boots was set to be bigger and better than ever to celebrate their 5 year anniversary. While the organisers are hopeful that a version of the festival they’d planned will still go ahead, once it’s safe, they are finding ways to inject the Buckle & Boots spirit into the livestream experience. Fans are encouraged to decorate their houses, dress up in their festival attire, and connect with the rest of the “country family” throughout the day.

While a jager-bomb filled weekend at Whitebottom Farm will have to wait for now, this Saturday promises to be exactly what the country music fans need to lift their spirits.

Who is performing at Buckle & Boots Virtual Festival?

The Buckle & Boots Virtual Festival features 37 artists live streaming from their homes:

William Michael Morgan  |  Trent Tomlinson  |  Tebey  |  Gary Quinn  |  Roan Ash  |  Kezia Gill

Jade Helliwell  |  Jeremy McComb  |  Morganway  |  Sophie Hanson  |  Kaitlyn Bakser  |  John Gurney

Megan Louise  |  Backwoods Creek  |  Simon James  |  Alan Finlan  |  Gasoline & Matches  |  Laura Evans  |  Payton Taylor  |  Joe Martin  |  Deeanne Dexeter  |  Sam Coe  |  Recovering Satellites  |  Lisa Redford

Vic Allen  |  Taynee Lord & The Crookes  |  Megan Lee  |  Katee Kross  |  The Outlaw Orchestra  |  Emma Jade  |  Emma Moore  |  Jess Kemp  |  Chloe Jones  |  Meg McPartlin

With special guests Phil Vassar  |  Jenn Bostic  |  Sarah Darling