Nashville’s sibling group Band of Silver have shared their new single Machine, a track about disconnection and the loss of autonomy.

Band of Silver, comprised of siblings Avery Silvernagel and her younger brothers Alex and Evan, blur the lines between vintage rock, 80’s new wave and modern pop.  They draw on inspirations ranging from Def Leppard to Madonna and Weezer to Panic! At The Disco.

The band teamed up with producer Mike Green on the single as well as other upcoming releases.

Speaking about Machine, Avery Silvernagel said, “Machine is about the feeling of losing your autonomy and your body and mind becoming disconnected. I wrote the song after being diagnosed with pituitary failure. I was told I would be dependent on hormones and drugs for the rest of my life. The experience made me realize how many tasks my body performed subconsciously that I took for granted. The thought that I would never have control over these functions again made me feel powerless, like I had lost a part of myself I never knew existed or could be taken away. I felt like my soul was trapped in a machine that constantly needed fuel and repairs in order to function.”

“We’ve soft released stuff to our fans before, but this will be the first time anyone’s heard what we’re really capable of in the studio,” added Silvernagel, who launched the project with her younger brothers (guitarist/singer Alex and drummer Evan) when she was just 19. “These songs are an introduction to who we really are as a band.”

Band of Silver are set to support Echosmith on their US tour later this year.