The Hot Wheels City Experience will open its first European venue in Manchester this August.  The attraction will be hosted at BEC Arena.

The Hot Wheels City Experience will feature ten interactive stations across it’s 6,000 square metre experience including a design centre, immersive museum, playground, gamer zone and Hot Wheels Lab.

The event, brought together by Live Nation, BeFUN and Mattel will open its doors on 13 August 2024.

Fans will be taken on an unforgettable journey through the colourful and exciting world of Hot Wheels, starting with an introductory video in the briefing room, taking a deep dive into the history and culture of the brand, and a fun trivia quiz! The next station features an immersive museum and expo where visitors can enjoy an exclusive glimpse into the best of the Hot Wheels collections including graphics with the history of Hot Wheels, classic arts of the brand, and the Hot Wheels legendary life-sized cars.

Alongside the fascinating museum and expo, visitors can immerse themselves in the Gamer Zone, tailored for console enthusiasts and gamers eager to show off their skills. Moving on to the Design Centre, the latest technology is used to introduce vibrant colour and graphic projection mapping onto virtual cars, and there are further stations to let the imagination run wild including a Digital “build your car” and painting workshop where kids and adults alike can freely create and have their work emailed to them or projected on the venue walls!

Lastly, the Hot Wheels Lab provides an area for fans to play with the most popular Hot Wheels toys including giant tracks and pre-built racecourses where the “Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Championships” take place, alongside the opportunity to win some exciting prizes!

When do tickets go on sale for the Hot Wheels City Experience?

Tickets for the Hot Wheels City Experience go on sale at 10am on 26t April 2024 with a pre-sale opening at 10am on 24 April 2024.  Tickets start at £27.50 for adults and £22.50 for children.