After releasing their new album Land of My Other last week, The Breath will perform at Manchester Folk Expo this weekend.

Land of My Other is the third album from Rioghnach Connolly and Stuart McCallum, with the Manchester based duo delivering ten tracks of raw, acoustic-slanted music.

The duo are very much two independent artists who truly unite together.  “We work like two halves of a single songwriter,” explains McCallum, the Manchester-based composer and producer. “Imagine a guitarist and a singer who are not separate but are separate people. We just have this really special connection that lets us listen, adapt and evolve a piece of music together.”

Connolly is in full agreement. “Stuart is the yin to my yang,” says the BBC Folk Singer of the Year. “He has one face. I have many. He’s very measured. I’m not. I like mayhem. He doesn’t. I know where I am with him.”

The recently released album was produced by composer/pianist Thomas Bartlett who joins the duo on some of the recordings.  They recorded the album in Manchester and at Real World Studios.

The Breath will be showcasing songs from Land of My Other at a Manchester Folk Expo show at New Century Hall.

When do The Breath perform at Manchester Folk Expo?

The Breath perform at Manchester Folk Expo on 21 October, headlining at New Century Hall.