Indie-pop artist Rosie Darling has shared her debut album Lanterns, exploring confessions, heartbreak and acceptance.

The album from the Boston-born, LA-based artist marks the follow up to 2021’s debut EP Coping and 2022’s Golden Age EP, which have picked up more than 200 million global streams and a mountain of support.

The album finds Rosie Darling revealing raw and genuine emotion.  The alt-pop release deals with the emotions of young adulthood.  Whilst nostalgic and hopeful, it is not afraid to take on the enduring pain of past relationships gone wrong.

Speaking about the 11-track Lanterns, Rosie Darling explained, “I want to celebrate the thorny process, feel the pain of it and hopefully, find healing. I want to encourage people to have a stronger heart and an appreciation of who we are becoming no matter what life throws at us. Let’s get to the other side!”

Image of Rosie Darling courtesy Celina Kenyon”