Indie-pop artist Rosie Darling has shared her new song Justify, a dreamy ballad taking on relationships where one person rationalizes poor treatment.

The track layers delicate vocals over light acoustic guitar and is accompanied by a video shot in the woods in Washington State.  The video marks a testament to processing feelings through nature.

New single Justify comes ahead of Rosie Darling’s debut album which is due to land later this year.  The song follows her two recently release tracks Nail In The Coffin and Lost On You.

The album comes after the success of the LA-based artist’s 2021 debut EP Coping and 2022’s Golden Age EP.

Speaking about Justify, Rosie Darling said, “Justify’ comes from a place of realizing that no matter how much you care about someone, if they aren’t treating you as an equal, it’s not a relationship you want to have. If you’re constantly holding onto the good in someone and ignoring the red flags, there will come a point where you will have to choose yourself, and this song represents that moment to me.” Elaborating on the video, Rosie explains, “I wanted to visually show what it’s like to sit with your feelings and process your emotions by escaping into nature for a bit. I find nature to be healing, and I love how by the end of this video, there is a beautiful field scene with tons of light pouring in.”

Image of Rosie Darling courtesy Laura-Lynn Petrick