There certainly aren’t many bands out there that could be described as ‘Proto-Robofolk’. Well that’s one description which has been used to describe The Phantom Band – that as well as indie-rock (which is perhaps a little too simplistic). In fact The Phantom Band have almost as many styles and influences as they have had names (!) – fusing indie, folk, electronica, progressive rock and krautrock, yes they really are that diverse.

And they really have had that many names. In what seems almost like an attempt to confuse fans they have been known as NRA, Les Crazy Boyz, Los Crayzee Boyz, Tower of Girls, Wooden Trees, Robert Redford and even Robert Louis Stevenson. It was, in fact, such frequent changes of name which led to their current handle, The Phantom Band – a nod to the moniker they had been dubbed with by friends and followers no longer able to keep up with the changes. They’ve had more names than Prince. And this isn’t to mention the side projects including the brilliantly titled Omnivore Demon!

Now, following the release of their third album ‘Strange Friend’ (out 2 June 2014), Duncan Marquiss (guitar), Gerry Hart (bass), Andy Wake (keyboards), Rick Anthony (vocals and guitar), Iain Stewart (drums) and Greg Sinclair (guitars) are set to perform at Manchester’s Deaf Institute as part of their brief UK tour.

The Glasgow-based sextet have garnered critical acclaim for each album (their debut Checkmate Savage in 2008 and The Wants in 2011 as well as their latest offering. It’s no surprise either – they are quite a unique band and one which produces tunes which you’re convinced you know, even when listening to them for the first time; tracks which instantly hit the mark; driven; different and yet somehow familiar. It’s led to works like ‘masterpiece’ being understandably bandied around.

They have managed to bring this standard to their live shows too with live reviewers, critics and fans enthusing about the lively light-hearted atmosphere their gigs generate as well as their musical ability and diversity.

The Phantom Band play at the Deaf Institute Thursday 5 June. Tickets £10 adv. Support comes from PLANK and Alpha Male Tea Party.