Rowdy Chicago indie / garage rockers The Orwells head to Gorilla tonight.

The band were signed up in 2011 when they were still in high school, having formed two years earlier when cousins Mario Cuomo (vocals) and Dominic Corso (guitar) joined forces with brothers Grant Brinner (bass), Henry Brinner (drums and their friend Matt O’Keefe (guitar).

It was then a rapid ascent for the still-too-young-to-drink (well at least legally!) group as they hit the road, touring relentlessly as soon as they graduated high school in early 2013, by which time they had already released their awesome debut album Remember When to tremendous fan-feedback.

Now in 2014, still less than 18 months after leaving high school, they have already released their second album, Disgraceland (out this week through Atlantic Records). And they’ve even managed to fit in a brief tiff with Arctic Monkeys after supporting them on tour in the US recently.

The Orwells are quickly becoming fames for their dynamic live shows, which can sometimes border on the crazy and chaotic – tales of on-stage snogging, beer swilling, mooning and twerking have all been bandied about. What is for certain is that they bring welcome energy and attitude – the kind of attitude indie rockers (or some refer to them as garage rock) should bring to the stage and that they are a must see for lovers of guitar bands.

But it’s not just the attitude and showmanship which is seeing them receive the plaudits and growing an ever more enthusiastic following – tracks such as the instantly addictive Let It Burn and Dirty Sheets (both from their latest album) are typical of the catchy, energetic guitar laden tunes which they produce.

The Orwells play at Gorilla 6 June 2014. Tickets £9 + BF.


Image credit Jory Lee Cordy