Halle Education has announced a series of activities and entertainment to take place at Halle St Peter’s from Saturday 5th July to Wednesday 9th July, including a free public performance, workshops for schools, children, the experienced and the inexperienced.

The theme of the events will be Gamelan – a traditional music ensemble from Indonesia, most commonly found in Java and Bali. Gamelan music features a wide variety of instruments including the likes of metallophones, xylophones, kendange, gongs, bamboo flutes and string instruments.

The activities will start with two hour performance workshops on Saturday 5th July and Sunday 6th July where anybody interested can get a taster for learning to play traditional gamelan pieces, including Sundanese and Javanese instruments. The cost of the workshops is £7.50 per participant.

There will also be one hour family taster workshops on Sunday 6th July again featuring Javanese instruments. The family taster workshops are aimed at whole families and are suitable for children 3- years old. A single ticket costs £4 with a family ticket (up to four people) £12.

The workshops are leading up to a free public performance on Sunday 6th July at 6pm where participants from the workshops will have the opportunity to be involved. The public performance also features a performance by members of Halle staff and the Halle’s gamelan performance group, Degung Manchung.

An additional workshop will take place on Tuesday 8th July with a one and a half hour Community Taster Workshop, again featuring Javanese instruments. The cost of this workshop is £7.50, but Ancoats residents can take part for free.

There is also an opportunity for schools to become involved with several school workshops running in two hour sessions Monday 7th July, Tuesday 8th July and Wednesday 9th July.

Further details are available here