Solo exhibition of new work by artist and musician John Hyatt

Home is set to host a major solo exhibition of new work by John Hyatt, the artist, music, author, scientist, explorer and one third of art rock band The Three Johns.

Running from Saturday 4 February until Wednesday 29 March, the showing will look at his identity through a set of unique collaborations involving his own personal objects, narratives and live performance.

The artist pulls together a diverse and rich set of topics – from post-death to post-ego, magic to metamorphosis – and co-creators to explore our increasingly unstable and challenging relationships to everything.  At the centre of the show is Club BIG (2017), a pop-up music club, debating chamber and live art space hosting an alternative art history and regular free events throughout the exhibition period, predominantly on Friday evenings. Hyatt, as Club BIG’s super cool, magical MC, will reveal a diverse display of invited talent and conduct an unfolding and inquisitive symphony on the invisible threads that connect us and the world.

image of John Hyatt

John Hyatt

Other new works include a collaborative new album, Rock Art: Quicksilver (2017); an orgy of ego and merch’ worthy of Monet, Rock Art/Rock Shop (2017); an engine of anti-war for sneaking Glam and magic through the Gates of Troy, The First Great Deception (2017); and the rare opening of a new public library, The Collection and Reading Room (2017), where you can enjoy a limited edition of Hyatt-as-a-blend-of-tea.

Speaking in anticipation of the exhibition, Hyatt, who is also a professor of Contemporary Art and Director of ART Labs at Liverpool School of Art and Design, commented “It’s great to be invited to make a solo show at such a forward-looking venue as Home. Rock Art explodes the notion of the lone genius, not by watering it down but by allowing us to lift ourselves together to new heights. The exhibition looks back from the future, elated by its own egoic passing. We can fly, manifest thoughts, communicate across the world instantaneously or destroy it. We are new gods. Let us start acting responsibly, loving and unselfish and care for our planet together. Rock Art will stretch reality like elastic – like being at the best gig ever.”

image from John Hyatt - Rock Art

John Hyatt – Rock Art

Rock Art is exhibited at Home from Saturday 4 February until Wednesday 29 March.

image courtesy John Hyatt