Ethereal genre-blending artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Gazel will headline at The Eagle Inn after releasing her debut album next week.

Gazel releases her debut album Gazel’s Book of Souls on 4 October ahead of a UK tour opening with a Manchester gig at The Eagle Inn.

Gazel’s Book of Souls has so far witnessed four singles being released – Mina’s Hymn, Pointing At The Moon, You’re Not Funny and latest release Rain Is Coming.

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Speaking about the album and concept behind it, Gazel explained, “When writing Gazel’s Book of Souls I knew I wanted to create a mythological structure of the unconscious mind – like an imaginary psychic map,” says Gazel. “I wanted a theme for each song, each representing a different aspect of the human psychic tendency – grief, growth, technology, symbolism, problems of identity and belief in the mind’s fabrications. Gazel’s Book of Souls is music that explores dreams, consciousness and the great mystery of the human mind.”

The album follows the myth-like story of a young girl who seeks to find the cause of a mysterious fire which destroyed her village, and in the process encounters a variety of ‘souls’ who dwell in her town’s collective unconscious, each of which is represented by a different track on the album. Influenced by Jungian archetypes, mystical philosophy and the folk music of her Middle-Eastern roots, the album blends electronica, folk and pop.

Gazel’s Book Of Souls and her live show which bridges music, visuals and spoken word are sure to be a hit with fans of Kate Bush, Bat For Lashes and Robyn.

When does Gazel headline at The Eagle Inn?

Gazel headlines at The Eagle Inn on 10 October 2019.

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