Phoebe Go has shared her debut EP Player, questioning purpose through career, relationships and existence.

The EP follows recent support slots alongside Holly Humberstone and Hatchie for the Australian artist.

Player is a personal introduction to the artist and her experiences and embraces the prospect of going solo.

As Phoebe explains, “This EP is like my introduction – my “Hi! I’m Phoebe!” And I’m really proud of that, on a creative and personal level. I was finding my confidence, finding my own shit. You know, what do I like? What makes me feel something? Despite what is cool or what has worked before. I had a harsh couple of years, which also probably turned out to be the most liberating too. I had some past stuff to wrestle with, so I think I just poured everything out into the music.

“I was really freaking out about putting myself out there as a solo artist but I think I knew deep down that I had to do it, or at least try. I also knew that it had to be on my terms. Maybe that’s come with the 12 or so years I’ve spent in this industry. I had to push through all the weird fears so that I could carry on doing what I love. Making music is the coolest thing ever. It kinda makes me disappear. But in the sort of way where I feel most like myself. Once I got passed that initial freaky feeling it was just pure fucking fun.”

The five-track EP features the singles Hey, The Kid and breakthrough track We Don’t Talk as well as Be The Player, Not The Poet and Birthday.