Phoebe Go has shared her new single Hey, which features on her upcoming debut EP Player.  The EP will be released on 28 October.

Phoebe Go’s debut EP Player promises a vulnerable, earnest, untouched solo debut from the former Snakadaktal and Two People artist.

New track Hey marks a stripped back dedication to Phoebe Go’s cousin who passed away a few years ago.  The track hones in on the feelings which accompany the grief.  As Phoebe Go explains, “This song’s really close to me. I lost my youngest cousin really suddenly a few years back and I didn’t know how to make sense of it all. And I still don’t and I don’t think I ever will. But this song is really my way of coming to grips with that.

“Around the time I was writing it I was sort of fixated, trying so hard to understand him, you know, what he was thinking and feeling and living. I think my own perspective got so lost in his. Maybe that’s what gives this song that windy folk pace. I’m really proud of the comfort I found in this song though. Cause life aches, and we’ve gotta learn how to live with that. So I think in that way it’s kind of hinting at hope, that maybe there’s life inside loss, somehow.”

Hey features on Phoebe Go’s upcoming debut EP Player.  The five track EP also features the songs We Don’t Talk; The Kid; Be The Player, Not The Poet; and Birthday.

image of Phoebe Go courtesy Joey Clough