Mt. Onsra have shared their new track Fever Dream which features on upcoming album Sacred Time.

The UK duo have released the latest taste of their second album, following the first hints which landed in the form of album opener Emergent.

Speaking about Fever Dream, Mt. Onsra’s Russell Cleave said, “I was listening to a fair amount of King Crimson and Slint (as always) around the time I put this together, I was really playing with polyrhythms: Two different time signatures on top of each other to make a complex texture between everything. (There is a lot of this on the album.)” Simon Allen adds: “When Russ sends me a track, it’s always like receiving a complex puzzle that I need to live inside for a while to understand what it needs me to do with it. This one was easy – it is a universal message that regardless of what has happened to you in life, good and bad, there is the endless universal sound that ties us together…….I blame the King Crimson!”

Mt. Onsra will release the nine-track Sacred Time on 28 June 2024.  The duo will be self-releasing as they did with 2022’s debut album Written in Silence, but with this album studio recorded rather than remotely as their debut was.

The album promises an exploration of two friends floating in and out of each others’ lives.

image of Mt. Onsra courtesy Pip Murphy