If you’re a fan of rock music, get yourself down to The Warning next time they’re in town.  That pretty much sums up the feeling following their Manchester Academy gig.

The Mexican sister trio have been selling out huge shows in their home country for a while, and finally their impact is starting to be properly felt on these shores as well following a slot at Download and supporting shows alongside Muse and Royal Blood.

Manchester Academy 2 is sold out.  It’s one of 19 shows they are playing across 24 days in 11 countries.  The fans are clearly excited and there’s an electric feel to the proceedings.  There are kids on parents’ shoulders, fists pumping in the air and even the odd sombrero.

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As The Warning take to the stage, there’s inevitably a huge cheer.  They immediately launch into S!CK to huge approval from the crowd, quickly following up with Z and Choke.  From that point onwards it’s a high octane show, full pelt with very little let up.  But that’s not to say it’s one-track, there’s plenty of diversity within the songs, keeping things interesting, but an overall feel of energy and impetus.

Against a relatively minimal background, which keeps the focus firmly on the music, The Warning blast through an incredibly strong set.  There are elements of rock, metal and rock’n’roll, occasional sonic throwbacks, frequent crowd-pleasing riffs, pumping basslines, precision drumming and spot-on vocals.  The Villarreal Velez sisters perform with charisma and an unstoppable energy.

There are huge cheers throughout with More, Money and Hell You Call A Dream particular favourites with the crowd.  And despite the fact that their new album Keep me Fed is set to land in just a few weeks, The Warning include plenty of their earlier material, pulling tracks in from their 2017 album XXI Century Blood, 2018’s Queen of the Murder Scene and their excellent third album Error (2022).

They bring their set to a temporary close with MARTIRIO.  The crowd has been in the palm of their hands throughout and as they leave the stage, the fans customarily shout for more.  Whilst at so many gigs, there’s a number of fans who leave at this point, there’s little sign of that here.  Instead there is another huge cheer as The Warning return for their encore of Narcisista and EVOLVE.

It’s been a stand-out show and the fans know it.  With the release of their new album coming shortly, there’s no doubt that they are going from strength to strength.