Manchester-based singer and songwriter Solis has shared the latest of her home-recorded singles, Sunday.

The Irish-born artist has recorded a string of tracks at her home in Moss Side, and has now revealed the latest.  Sunday mixes nostalgic percussion with her classically trained vocals to reveal dreamlike textures.  The track delves in to the frustration of of living a life that doesn’t really feel like yours.

“Sunday is about always focusing on the future in the hopes that tomorrow might be better” explains Solis.  “The lyrics describe suppression in vocalising how you feel, while also feeling overwhelmed by the concept of having a time limit or age expectation for certain life experiences.

“The chorus is more of recognition of this behaviour and holds excitement for a free lifestyle. It explains how sometimes life expectations can actually make you take steps backwards, rather than progressing forward if they’re not true to how you feel.”

In support of the single, Solis will headline a Manchester gig at 33 Oldham Street.

When does Solis headline at 33 Oldham Street?

Solis headlines at 33 Oldham Street on 3 December 2021.  She is supported at the Manchester gig by Lissy May and RunRemedy

image of Solis courtesy Tom Witts