Manchester Gospel and Soul duo Canter Semper to headling Manchester Academy 3

Manchester gigs - Canter Semper

Manchester Gospel/Soul duo Canter Semper will headline a hometown show at Manchester Academy 3.

The duo are centre around the harmonies of vocalists Sarah Adams  (who also leads the Manchester Survivors Choir) and Emma Brewin.  Having formed in 2013, Canter Semper has developed their own brand of Vintage Gospel, weaving harmony driven melodies and lyricism into jazz-tinged soundscapes, they have drawn comparisons with the likes of The Staves and Smoke Fairies.

The duo are regular collaborators with a revolving collective of artistic, and prominently female, talen from the Manchester music scene, creating individual shows.  Their upcoming Manchester Academy 3 show is set to feature an ‘orchestral meets roots theme’, featuring a collaboration with Northern Session Collective’s string quartet.  Spoken word artist Steph Lonsdale will also make a guest appearance.

When do Canter Semper headline at Manchester Academy 3?

Canter Semper headline at Manchester Academy 3 on 31 January 2020.  Support comes from Emily Mercer and Chloe Jones.

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