Lissie has shared her new single Chasing The Sun ahead of the release of her new album Carving Canyons on Friday.

New Americana-tinged indie folk album Carving Canyons features the early singles Flowers, Night Moves and Sad.

Speaking about new single Chasing The Sun, Lissie explained, “I was inspired to write ‘Chasing The Sun’ driving through rural Iowa on a winter afternoon. I wanted to get home before dark & felt like I was following the sun home, keeping time with it. It’s a song of optimism and hope for the future. To keep going.”

Carving Canyons is about looking within while dealing with the uncertainty of the future—finding hope in personal and worldly adversity, no matter what the forecast might say.  Lissie took inspiration from her friends and nature, travelling to Nashville to co-write the album alongside the likes of Bre Kennedy, Madi Diaz, Morgan Nagler, Natalie Hemby, Kate York and Sarah Buxton.

image of Lissie courtesy Lili Peper