As she continues to build towards the release of her new album, Jewelia has shared her latest single Invisible Wall.

The track features on Jewelia’s upcoming second album Little Wins which lands on 19 April.

New single Invisible Wall finds Jewelia drawing on ’80s synth-pop, ’90s music and indie-pop crossovers.  As Jewelia explains of the sonic feel to the track, “I’ve always wanted to dig deeper into a retro pop sound and imagery. I actually wrote ‘Invisible Wall’ back in 2017, and it stayed in the vault up until last year, when I realised that it fitted perfectly within the concept of my new album. In video games, an invisible wall is a boundary that limits where the player can go, even though there’s nothing physically there to stop them. It seems like the perfect analogy for the pre-guided life pathways that society tends to force us into, but also for self-limiting thought patterns, both of which are driving ideas behind the concept of ‘Little Wins’.”

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Little Wins features 12 tracks, written solely and entirely by the artist who also produced every track on the album, some in collaboration with Andy Denyer.  The albums marks Jewelia’s take on doing our best at a particular moment in time, achievements versions ambitions; and celebrating in the face of challenging situations.  As she adds, “The binding concept behind ‘Little Wins’ is that we all do the best we can at a particular moment in time, with the resources we have at that moment. Those resources can mean anything: time, energy, knowledge, confidence, money, love, other people, self-belief, self-love. So really, there’s no point in beating ourselves up, and instead of constantly focusing on the climb ahead, we should take some time to look back and see how far we’ve come, and learn to celebrate the little wins.”

Raised in Romania, Jewelia – then simply Iulia Tache – wanted to be a musician from early childhood, but as she hit her teens her life was pulling in two different directions: she was studying law at the same time that she was attending Bucharest’s Music Conservatoire. In retrospect there was only ever going to be one winner, leading Jewelia to relocate to London to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. Between her debut album, ‘City of My Mind’, and subsequent singles such as ‘No Lover (A Million One)’ and ‘Was It You Or Was It Me’, her eclectic approach to pop styles engaged her first fanbase and inspired comparisons ranging from Kate Bush to MARINA.