James McVey has shared his debut solo EP Manabi, conceived during his recovery from career-saving surgery.

The star, best known for his chart-topping and arena-filling success with The Vamps was silenced by career-saving surgery on his vocal cords.  It was period which helped him to accept life as a journey of highs and lows and ultimately gave rise to Manabi.

The EP, named after the Japanese word for ‘learning from study’ features six tracks written and produced by James McVey.  It also features collaborators Amy Wadge, James Walsh of Starsailor and Alex Stacey.

Speaking about the EP, James McVey said, “It’s strange, but I haven’t really felt any pressure with releasing this EP, because I’m so happy with my work with The Vamps. It just meant that on ‘Manabi’, I was really able to dive into it. There’s not a single lyric on here that I don’t believe in, no throwaway line. Each and every word has been meticulously thought through. And they’re real stories.”

The EP looks at heartfelt truths about love, mental health struggles and more.  It features romance, complex emotions, the quiet beauties of life, turmoil, overwhelming feelings and the quest for self-improvement.

image of James McVey courtesy Ed Cooke