Manchester band Ist Ist have shared their new track Stamp You Out, as they confirm details of their third studio album Protagonists.

Protagonists will be released on 31 March with a huge headline show at Manchester’s O2 Ritz on the same day.

Speaking about the new single, Ist Ist vocalist Adam Houghton said, “[Stamp You Out] tips its hat to the previous IST IST where the modus operandi was to try and make an impact in the most forceful way; pounding drums and bass and repetitive lyrics. I remember watching a news report where a politician, whose name I forget, just kept saying: ‘we need to stamp this out’. I was thinking ‘we need to stamp you out’, so I wrote an aggressive fight song and a call to arms about it.”

The track is accompanied by an official video featuring a performance against incandescent lights, leading bassist Andy Keating to comment, “We felt like the track is a straightforward rock song which required a straightforward video and we didn’t want to over-embellish the visual aspect. For existing IST IST fans, it re-affirms what we’re all about, and for anyone new it tells you everything you need to know.”

Ist Ist will release their third studio album Protagonists on 31 March 2023.  The album follows their 2020 breakthrough debut Architecture and 2021 follow-up The Art of Lying.  “This was our first straightforward album, which sounds strange given it’s the third one” added Keating.  “Our first album was a little bit of a back catalogue, and the rest was written in the same vein to have a coherent record. The second album was a stab in the dark and written and recorded during lockdown restrictions, but it broke us into the top 100. ‘Protagonists’ feels like the first album where there’s no pressure.”

When do Ist Ist headline at Manchester’s O2 Ritz?

Ist Ist will healdine a hometown gig in Manchester at the O2 Ritz on 31 March 2023.