HOME Manchester has announced five new Homemaker productions, a series of works challenging artists to create in lockdown for an audience to enjoy at home.

The latest works to be made available include James Monaghan’s sunset to sunrise online performance, Let’s Spend the Night Together, Ugly Bucket’s short film ABC (Anything But Covid), both commissioned by HOME, Metis’ Love Letters to a Liveable Future, commissioned by Cambridge Junction, Vici Wreford-Sinnott’s Siege, commissioned by ARC Stockton, and Sasha Milavic Davies and Lucy Railton’s Everything That Rises Must Dance, commissioned by Complicité.

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Productions will be delivered online to audiences via the HOME Manchester website on a pay what you can basis.

So what will HOME be presenting?

Let’s Spend The Night Together
Saturday 20 June 9pm – Sunday 21 June 5.30am
Monaghan’s durational piece will be delivered via Zoom on 20 June and features a band of Manchester based young people – students, citizens, vagabonds, dreamers – who set out on a marathon of a task: to imagine the multiple possible ways in which the rest of their lives, and the future of the world, might pan out. Made in partnership with the University of Salford and the New Adelphi Theatre, Let’s Spend the Night Together is part performance, part group imagination, part lockdown insanity.

ABC (Anything but Covid)
Running until 31 December
Ugly Bucket’s short film ABC (Anything But Covid) is a madcap step by step guide that will show you how to make the most of your time in lockdown, squeezing your creative juices to the very last drop. How far will you go to oblige the pressures of staying productive in lockdown?

Everything that rises must dance
Saturday 20 June
Commissioned by Complicité, whose award-winning The Encounter is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows to have been streamed during lockdown, Everything That Rises Must Dance (picture above, image courtesy Ali Wright) on 20 June is at once meditative and mechanical, a compelling celebration of female movement, incorporating both the everyday and the universal.

Love Letters To A Liveable Future
Running until 31 December
New works have also been commissioned by Cambridge Junction. An incredible array of collaborators take part in METIS’ Love Letters to a Liveable Future, including Zoë Svendsen with Anna-Maria Nabirye, Charlie Folorunsho, Jess Mabel Jones, Lucy Wray, Nicky Childs, Shôn Dale-Jones, Stefanie Müller and Tom Ross-Williams. Delivering artistic prompts via the mail, Love Letters uses the current situation to co-create a vision of an alternative future of human and planetary flourishing.

Running until 31 December
Following on from a series of filmed live discussions by Arc Stockton, Vici Wreford-Sinnott’s Siege explores what it means to be disabled and ‘looked at’. Central character Mim, performed by the brilliant Philippa Coles, is a funny, edgy radical, trying to live a subversive lifestyle right slap bang in the middle of the radar, with a shame-free approach to the disabled female body, who can’t get a gig.