Gitkin will headline at Manchester’s YES next week, following the release of his album Nowhere To Go But Everywhere earlier this year.

The Grammy nominated producer and multi-instrumentalist drew on elements of Peruvian chicha, Saharan Tuareg, Cuban son montuno and psych-rock whilst putting the album together.  The process was in keeping with his habit of pulling in styles from around the world, infusing them in to his own authentic essence.

Nowhere To Go But Everywhere is the latest album in a string of critically acclaimed releases starting with his debut 5 Star Motel and follow up Safe Passage.

The tone of the album was set with first single Whaya.  The track embraced guitar melodies, vintage synthesizer, groove and swing with echoes of Tuareg guitar.  Meanwhile second single Chichala nodded to hipster Cumbia with congas, dub drops, charango and even a casio; whilst Luna Y Sol grappled with blues mixed with Saharan guitar influences.

Speaking previously about the album Gitkin explained, “The album was recorded in my studio in the thick of the pandemic.  Though I try to think as little as possible when I’m creating, I was reflecting on a particular phase of my life in my early 20s. I was hitchhiking around the country, meditating, generally seeking adventure and something sacred. Somehow the essence of that journey crept into the record. Nowhere To Go But Everywhere is a quote from Jack Kerouac’s On The Road that fits the wanderlust spirit of the music.”

When does Gitkin headline at Manchester’s YES?

Gitkin headlines at YES Manchester on 26 September 2023.

Image of Gitkin courtesy Carol C