Electro-emo angst-pop trio Air Drawn Dagger have shared their new track Stigmata alongside an official video.

The track features on their upcoming EP Songs To Fight The Gods To.

Speaking about the track, Air Drawn Dagger vocalist Maisie said, “Stigmata is a song about feeling as if fate is against you. Like you’re on a path you don’t want to be on but it’s exactly where you’re meant to be. All the fortune tellers in the world are telling you the same thing but you don’t want to believe it so you just keep swinging against the hand you’ve been dealt. This is denying your destiny, this is Stigmata.”

The accompanying music video, directed by Aaran Mckenzie of While She Sleeps, follows Maisie on her way to a video shoot. Using POV and reverse POV camera angles, the narrative illustrates how fate can work against you and how your own choices can be self destructive, only making the situation worse.

Air Drawn Dagger will release their upcoming Songs To Fight The Gods To EP on 13 October.  The band recorded the EP with Neil Kennedy.  It features five tracks covering topics of decrowning the patriarchy, the uncertainty of destiny, and rallying against a capitalist hellscrape, and embrace influences from 2000s emo, drawing on ancient mythology.

image of Air Drawn Dagger courtesy Riccardo Cenci Media