Manchester band Hot Milk have been riding high since the release of their debut album A Call To The Void just a few months back.

Now they are back home as they bring their hugely successful tour to a close with a gig at Manchester Academy.

Within moments of them stepping on stage, it’s clear what that it will be an energetic performance.  They dominate the stage, Han Mee in particular constantly on the move, bounding around the stage with barely a pause for breath, whilst Hot Milk belt out a set worthy of even bigger venues, where they are no doubt heading next.

The setlist is built largely (and understandably) around the debut album.  But it’s relative newness doesn’t catch the sold out Manchester Academy crowd out – they know every lyric, every riff, every drum beat and they sing and cheer back to every verse and refrain.

The whole set is impeccably produced – strobe lighting, blue light and red light used to tremendous effect to create an buzzing, interesting and engrossing atmosphere whilst Hot Milk themselves blast out a blend of pop, punk and rock to thunderous approval.

So we grabbed the shots …

images courtesy @markwiththecamera