Manchester band Foxglove are back with their new single Birthday, following on from previous releases Give It Up, Bright Lights and Slow.

The quartet have built a strong reputation for synth and guitar driven indie tunes filled with energy.  Birthday is no exception.  From the outset it’s upbeat, brimming with verve, fueled by attitude.  Bass and drums set a determined pace from which there is scarcely a let up, whilst excellent busy guitars create an at times frenetic effect and Abi White’s punchy vocals and lyrical attitude complete the infectious sound.

After building through the opening verse the chorus soars – it’s easy to imagine a packed venue jumping and dancing along to the track.  It’s an anthemic section with Abi White’s vocals captivating the listener as she delivers a towering performance.

The track grows as new layers find their way in until a nice transition at the bridge offers contrast from the busy guitars and rolling drums, and an opening space.  It has the effect of highlighting what came before and foreshadowing the final euphoric burst as the chorus shines through again.

After catching one of Foxglove’s final shows before the lockdown we can vouch for how good they are and can’t wait to see what will no doubt be a huge fan reaction to Birthday.

When do Foxglove perform in Manchester?

With live music now back, Foxglove have a run of Manchester gigs and local shows lined up including RivFest Warrington (7 August); Hatch (23 September); The Bread Shed (14 October) and Off The Square (30 October).