Fickle Friends have shared their new single Not In The Mood which features on upcoming EP Weird Years: Season 2.

Weird Years: Season 2 is due for release on 7 May.  The EP charts singer Natti Shiner’s experiences of the ‘new normal’ and adjusting to a post 2020 world.

Not In The Mood marks the return for Fickle Friends, following up on their rebirth with Weird Years: Season 1.  The EP brought with it a new feeling of independence and DIY approach, resulting in strong critical acclaim.

Not In The Mood finds Fickle Friends toying with funk, synths and pop hooks, underlying Natti Shiner’s vocals.

Speaking about the track Natti said, “This song is about taking back your power.  We all do things that aren’t good for us.  We keep people in our lives who make us work for their affection, who make us feel like the ‘back up plan’ just in case what they really want doesn’t work out.  In classic Fickle Friends style we have dressed up a sad song in party clothes.  We hope you love this as much as we loved writing it.”

As well as the new single and EP, Fickle Friends are poised to announce their first full live shows since December 2019.