Feather Trade will headline at Manchester’s under-threat Niamos Theatre following the recent release of their latest single Big Nobody.

The Manchester gig is one of two dates they are playing.  They will also perform at Leeds’ Boom.

The Manchester via Athens, Georgia trio dropped latest single Big Nobody to champion the underdog whilst taking aim at the commercialisation of art.  The track is accompanied by a video from director Pete Tomkies.  Big Nobody continues Feather Trade’s rallying calls to the disenfranchised and marginalised.  The track marks the completion of a trilogy of singles which started with 2022’s Dead Boy and continued with March’s Just Like Film.

“Created or destroyed by crucial influence, each person’s world is a lifetime searching for meaning and reconstruction. They push through the strata – anger, grief, fear, shame, loss – fuelling the desire for absolution and certainty. Some find it in religion. Some find it in drugs. Some find it in sex. Feather Trade brought the flames to one another. We scream in the darkness, the echoes giving black shape in sound. A fight with cancer. Watching a loved one’s descent into schizophrenia. Losing it all to fire. The unceasing longing to seal the fissure of three broken words” the band elaborate.

Manchester’s Niamos Theatre remains under threat of redevelopment, but continues to be used for now as an all-inclusive cultural arts and creative space.  The gig will mark a special homecoming for the band who use the venue as a rehearsal space.

When do Feather Trade perform at Manchester’s Niamos Theatre?

Feather Trade perform at Manchester’s Niamos Theatre on 16th July 2023.  They perform at Leeds’ Boom on 14 July as part of the Goth City 7 Festival.