The K’s have launched their new single Landmines and confirmed a huge Manchester Academy gig for November.

The new single represents an insight into Jamie Boyle’s formative years, delving in to coming of age in a working class background and finding comfort in companionship.  As the K’s frontman explains, “Landmines is a memoir of myself growing up. It’s a story that is familiar to me, the band and thousands of other people across the UK who experienced the transition into adolescence living in a working-class town. The song sends many of us back to our late-teen days where the only recipe for a good night with friends was cheap alcohol and some sort of shelter, whether that be a tunnel or a skate park. Landmines brings back fond memories of the first real time we were free to explore the world by ourselves as, what we then thought were, ‘adults’ and the events that ensued.”

The track is set to be accompanied by an official video debuting at 5pm tonight.

Landmines is the latest release of the year for the band, landing off the back of Chancer and Hoping Maybe.

The band are in the midst of a busy festival season which includes slots at Neighbourhood Weekender, Tramlines and Y Not? Festival.

When do The K’s headline at Manchester Academy?

The K’s headline at Manchester Academy on 24 November 2023.  Tickets for the Manchester gig are on sale now.

image of The K’s courtesy Paul Husband