Manchester band False Advertising have released an EP of five remotely recorded covers – available only until 11.59GMT on Sunday.

Proceeds from sales will help to raise money for struggling venues, musicians and live music professionals.

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The Ice Cream Sundays EP includes the tracks The Suburbs, Oblivion, Minerva, Erase and Rewind and Cheerleader.  The EP will be on sale until 11.59GMT on Sunday 7 March on Bandcamp with 100% of the money received from Bandcamp split between the Stagehand UK and Save Our Venues funds.

False Advertising have also confirmed that they will be donating 30% of their other merch and music sales until 11.59GMT on Sunday 7 March to the same causes.

Speaking about releasing the Ice Cream Sundays EP, False Advertising said, “When coronavirus hit, we suddenly stopped being able to play live together, bringing an abrupt end to all of our live dates and rehearsals. In an effort to stay sane and keep in touch while figuring out what we were going to do with ourselves, we remotely recorded a bunch of DIY covers that we put out on a few Sundays last year, an event that we named ‘Ice Cream Sundays’.

“After lots of people asked whether these covers would ever be available for download, we’ve decided to release them for a short time in a way that can hopefully do some good for some very worthy causes. You can download the EP from Friday through to Sunday 7th March (11:59 GMT). 100% of the money that we receive from Bandcamp for downloads will be split between the Stagehand UK and Save Our Venues funds (download on Friday for the added Bandcamp Friday bonus).

“Everyone who downloads will also receive a link where you can watch the accompanying videos that we made for each of them to your heart’s content forever. Isn’t that nice?

“In addition, we’ll be donating 30% of all of our other merch / music sales across the same period to the same causes.

“Please give what you can!”

False Advertising’s Ice Cream Sundays EP can be downloaded from Bandcamp.